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We can be contacted by email for

Technical Support and questions at tech@horsepowerinabox.com

Sales Inquiries at sales@horsepowerinabox.com

Orders for progress or further questions relating to ordering at orders@horsepowerinabox.com

General Information about horsepowerinabox.com at morrie@horsepowerinabox.com

Who are we?

We are based in Adelaide, South Australia. Our website, horsepowerinabox.com, was conceived by Tim Possingham of RPM Performance Centre fame. The site was operated successfully by Tim until April 2004, when the operations Horsepowerinabox.com were taken over by Morrie Huckel. Morrie has a long history in the Automotive Industry, recently leaving the Australian National Drag Racing Association, where he held the position of National Technical Director for the last five years, to manage horsepowerinabox.com.

We source or produce only quality, fairly priced goods that we shipped worldwide daily. We have been trading as an online high tech and performance parts website since February 2002, and have serviced the high tech performance market since that date with thousands of satisfied customers globally.

We rely on repeat business and do so with prompt replies to Emails, shipping ordered goods within 24 hours of receipt of funds in most cases, goods are generally in stock, not on back order for weeks at a time, and we are contactable by Phone, Email and Fax.

Additionally to complement our service we can offer a local fitting service for clutches, turbo, intercoolers etc. We also have a Shootout Mode Dyno Dynamics Dyno for Motec, Microtech, Haltech, Autronics, Genuine Nissan (some models can be worked to allow editing with OEM features and Aftermarket ECU programability), and LS1 Edit with HP tuner Software. We have a team of calibre tuners that are at the leading edge of tuning in their fields, ... so we have all the bases covered.. give us a call with your dyno needs!!